I would like to bring my pets to your clinic, but how do I get my records from my previous veterinarian?

This is easy! We can take care of contacting your previous veterinarian, and obtain your pet's records prior to their appointment.

What types of animals do you see?

We are a small animal practice, working with primarily dogs and cats.

How often should I bring my animal in for a visit with the veterinarian?

It is recommended that pets be seen for a wellness exam at least once every 12 months. As they get older, pets may need to be seen every 6 months to maintain their care.

We just found a stray pet, what do we do?

As a hospital, we are not equipped to take in stray pets. We can, however, scan the pet for a microchip and use social media as a means to help locate the pets home. In the instance that the pet would need to be kept elsewhere, we recommend calling your local no-kill shelter, so that they can be safely housed until the owner is found or the pet is re-homed.

How do I know when my pet needs a dental performed?

This can be determined at your pet's wellness exams. Some signs that your pet may need to be seen sooner than later would include redness or swelling along gums and/or difficulty eating. Please call us if you think your pet may have a dental related concern.

How often should my pets be vaccinated?

There are different protocols for each vaccine and these protocols are individual to your pets needs. Please contact us prior to your pet's appointment if you have questions about the recommended vaccines for your pet.

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